Meals can be reconstituted by adding boiling water, stirring, and giving proper time for the water to be absorbed back into the food.

  1. Open pouch above zipper, remove, and discard oxygen absorber.
  2. Carefully add 1.5 cups of boiling water, or fill to approximate water line.
  3. Carefully stir well and seal zipper.
  4. Let stand for 12 minutes. Stir again and enjoy!

Important information about reconstitution

The most common mistakes we come across are people adding too much water to their freeze-dried meals, not stirring enough, and not allowing enough time for reconstitution.

Too much water weakens the flavor and makes for a less exciting dining experience.

Our meals recommend 1.5 cups of water, and we feel like this is the max, so try it out with 1.25 cups and you can always add more. Most people don’t have a measuring cup in the backcountry, so try adding less water than you think necessary, give it a stir, and add more till all the food is covered in water, but not swimming.

We recommend a good stir after adding water, then after reconstitution time, give it another good stir. You can even stir halfway through to ensure there are no crunchy bits that were not fully reconstituted.

Our meals recommend 10-12 minutes of reconstitution time, but elevation does affect reconstitution, so if you’re above 5,000 feet, we recommend adding 3-5 additional minutes.

We usually ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. All of our shipping is through the USPS and UPS and should reach your house in 2-6 business days.

We suggest consuming our meals within 1.5 years, we place a “best by” date of 1.5 years from when they are packaged.

If you are using the ‘Retort Bag’ we put the best by date of 5 years from when they are packaged.

However, our food has been tested for water activity by a food lab and our bags have been tested for water transfer rate and both show that the food would easily last 20+ years without any health risks.

You can discard a bag with other general waste in designated trash disposal. We do not suggest you bury or discard outdoors (please do not litter).

If you desire you can burn our omnidegradable bags in your campfire. Please be sure the bag is fully consumed.

You can compost our omnidegradable bags in your compost, we suggest removing and discarding the stickers before adding to your compost.

Our meals are single-serving meals not intended to be shared. They are hearty and should fill you up well after a day of adventuring.

Please refer to the calories and protein amounts in the nutrition label on the back of each package to get further clarification on how much sustenance is in each package.

Yes, you can! We suggest a long-handled spoon or cutting the top off that bag after the food has been fully reconstituted.

Please note: Our bags are not insulated, be careful when adding boiling water into the bags and holding the bags. You could burn yourself!

We are sorry to hear that and we would love to refund you! Send us an email at [email protected] and we will be in touch.

Our meals are made with fresh, quality natural ingredients that are high in protein and calories without adding fillers or preservatives. They will keep you fuller for longer, without weighing you down with extra fillers, additives, and unnecessary starches. You will be able to taste the difference.

Our packaging takes a sustainable approach to waste in order to prevent unnecessary strain on the environment

Also, Freeze-dried meals require a decent amount of energy to be properly freeze-dried and this plays a factor in price.

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