Mountain Top Moments

The best days are filled with moments when you are fully engaged in the present, thriving in the adventure. These precious moments so often involve great food. At Pinnacle Foods we create gourmet freeze-dried meals that are easy to pack and prepare so you can focus on the adventure at hand and enjoy the experience fully.

Chef Prepared Meals with Real Ingredients

We prepare all of our meals from scratch in High Point, NC using fresh, natural ingredients. We spent months developing and testing each recipe before landing on a product that delivers high protein and calories without adding fillers or preservatives and emphasizes flavor by using fresh herbs and exciting flavor combinations. We cook the full meals in small batches, then immediately freeze-dry it to maximize the fresh flavors when reconstituting. Our freeze dryers use minimal heat during the drying process which preserves 97% of the nutrients. This means our meals will keep you fuller for longer, without weighing you down with extra fillers, additives, and unnecessary starches.


When our kids get older and begin taking their kids and grandkids on adventures in the outdoors we want them to experience fresh air, clean forests, and beautiful beaches. This requires sustainable choices and partnering with technology to develop better ways to package meals. While there isn’t a perfect solution available for everyone we offer choices so that you can pick the bag type that makes the most sense for you. Because of this, we are able to offer omnidegradable bags on our website and encourage anyone to use them.

Omnidegradable Bags

We love omnidegradable bags! These bags are durable and yet they are compostable, a big win for the environment. When they are disposed of, the microorganisms in the soil break down the bags without putting an unnecessary strain on the environment. You can learn more about omnidegradable bags from the creators over at Tekpack Solutions. Given the nature of these bags, we suggest consuming the product within a year, and our “best by” dates stamped on the bags reflect that.

Retort Bags

Retort Bags are excellent for using the bags as a bowl. They are not compostable which makes them more durable to weather and can hold up longer in tough conditions. Meals packaged in these bags are given a five-year “best by” date.

A Family Adventure

John and Ben Ritner

Just like you, we love the outdoors and we love good food. Gathering friends and family together to adventure is a passion born deep in our family heritage. Many of the life moments that have shaped us revolve around these adventures and the people we experienced them with. As parents of small kids, we know that adventures can be lively so we invite you to focus on the moments, both the loud and quiet ones, and let us take care of the food.

For us the passion for the outdoors seemed to begin as kids, building treehouses, functional homemade fishing rafts, and paintball courses behind our house where we grew up in North Carolina. But really it’s our parents and their love for the wild and adventure that truly began it all. Montana, specifically Missoula, is the place our parents fell in love, so it’s only natural we ended up here falling in love with the same wild places where they met.

We are a family team, each bringing our passions with us to form Pinnacle Foods. Ben graduated from the University of Montana focusing on web development and business. John has known from a young age that food was going to be a passion and field he worked in. He is the Chef here at Pinnacle and is known by that title to many friends and family that have experienced his cooking. He graduated from Culinary school in North Carolina while working for a local fine dining restaurant which he credits for gaining most of his culinary knowledge.

Pinnacle Foods was founded in Missoula Montana. In 2021, John moved the production side of Pinnacle Foods along with his family back to North Carolina in order to raise their two young boys near their grandparents. We now have to get on planes to have face-to-face meetings about Pinnacle Foods but our partnership as brothers, each working in our strengths, remains as strong as ever.

The idea for Pinnacle Foods originated around a campfire deep in the Maddison Range. While eating sub-par, freeze-dried food the question arose: “What if this were better?”